The Republic Deck is a powerful deck to Jeremy Griffith aka Lost Angelus. It's the Ellusionist design that was there for 0him in a time of need!

After suffering a personal family tragedy, he bonded with that design.

It's subtle, elegant, trustworthy & classy. Everything that Jeremy's friends would rush to say about him.

The pips are smaller, self-assured by their unique layout, but with a hint of modesty due to their size. Characteristics personified by the man himself.

The tuck box is simple, but wrapped warmly in a raised-text cigar sleeve. It's authentic... and cannot be mistaken.

When bringing these to life, there was only one perfect person for this Erdnase Green colorway. Jeremy Griffith.

The stock is a luxury pressed E7 stock from Cartamundi. If you've never felt this before, it's the best stock ever felt. Soft, thin & sturdy. Thin enough to make your sleights feel easier. Rigid enough to last.

If you have felt it before, you already know that no other stock compares, especially with this borderless design.

Top changes, second deals, false shuffles - invisible!

Never before the desires of collectors have been satisfied at the same time as the desires of card-workers.

Exquisite design and unparalleled performance, reunited at last.

• Ellusionist quality.

• The cards are poker size.

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Republic Deck - Lost Angelus Edition

  • €9,95

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